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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 18, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PST

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join us in the after the show show. >> thank for joining us. we're kicking off thanksgiving week. >> [ sirens ] it is the morning sound of terror. a fox news alert this morning. the violence escalate negative middle east as israeli and hams pound each other for a fifth straight day. >> a lot of questions about whether it will end. good to have you here. it's sheer terror as air raids sirens send people running for their lives in israel at militants target israel's homeland. israel's iron dome, the missile
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defense system, aimed at one rocket this morning. as benjamin netanyahu warns his country is ready to expand with thousands of troops gathering near the israel-gaza border awaiting a possible ground invasion. leland vitter is live with much more. >> reporter: this is very much a country on the brink of war, about 5 to 600 yards from my shoulder is the gaza border and we've seen tanks and army person nell carriers maneuvering and the palestinians are taking potshots around this position trying to see if they can't hit a israeli tank platoon. it's been a bloody day through the air war with rockets flying over our heads and the israelis coming in for air strikes on gaza. at least a dozen people killed inside the gaza strip. many of those civilians, including two kids and a dozen
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israelis injured from the rockets flying out. >> this is quite literally the tip of the israeli speer, citizens soldiers, engineers or accountants drafted into service. tank platoons are just waiting for the go order and it's literally go over that hill into gaza. day five of heavy israeli air strikes on gaza began before dawn with bombs targeting a pro hamas tv station and flattening a number of buildings where rescuers combed through the rubble for survivors. the attacks have killed more than 50 palestinians, half civilians, including 14 children. we're heading from one location to another. you probably just heard the iron dome go off. a fellow is taking cover there. the whole key during one of these sirens is to try to find a place to lay down and tuck in
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somewhere like this rock. this is a fact of life. the time the sirens go off to the time you need to be down is just 20 or 30 seconds. we heard the impact of this rocket and you can see the firefighters still hosing down the car. air raid sirens went off at 8:00 in the morning. you can imagine the people in this house and neighborhood having breakfast were thinking as they heard the explosions. >> the israelis launched the offensive because a million people around southern israel are living their life every day under fear of rockets and about a week ago it began on wednesday. we had the major air assaults that started this. there's talk of cease-fire negotiations in egypt and one report an israel enjoy flew to egypt to did you say cease --
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discuss cease-fire. the last thing that could keep the tanks were rolling across the field. a major escalation in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> leeland, viewers will want to know the area you're in. you yourself have had to duck for cover. how safe are you at the moment? >> in many ways you're not safe from artillery, mortgagors or rockets but we're every day they're under re from rockets. the only advantage we have on this side is we get the warning sirens sometimes. in the palestinians under threat from the israel air force don't have warning sirens. there's an element of danger. this is war and there's no question about that. while in some ways it's made to look surgical when you see the bombs coming in, laser guided, unfortunately civilians die on both sides. the rockets don't care what they hit. they enjoy hitting civilians and
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the jailers are -- israelis say they're trying to hitting civilians. the casualties are inevitable. >> leland vitter with great sacrifice bringing us the story on the ground. stay safe. >> israel strikes targeting more than 1,000 terrorist targets in the nasdaq strip. gaza militants firing 500 rockets into israel territory and several hundred shot down by the iron dome defense system. it works by calculating each rocket's trajectory in the air and firing missiles to intercept only the rockets in midair shown through sensors and missile launchers around the country to be the rockets that expect to hit populated areas. it is fascinating how it works. >> that is. as we mentioned, and leland was
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showing us with the tanks poised to go across the border, israel warns it's ready to expanded offensive putting tens of thousands of troops ons stand by. 75,000 reservists have been called up. will it continue to escalate? u.s. embassador john bolton joins us now as he does every sunday about this time. embassador, good morning. >> good morning eric. >> how does hamas finally stop? >> well, i think hamas is engaged in some very significant escalation of this on again, off again rocket attack against the israelis by launching iranian supplied missiles that landed in or around both tel aviv and jerusalem. longer range rockets. they're not that much more accurate than some of the other rockets that hamas has but the fact they're able to threaten
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israeli civilian populations is a substantial escalation of what hams has been up 0 to. that's why israel is more concerned now, even than from some earlier rocket attacks, why you've seen the level of israeli air response and why they're obviously considering going in on the ground. >> the discussion of a potential peace deal, an israelly envoy des patched. what type of potential peace deal do you think could be hammered out to stop hamas? >> i don't see if myself. likely what they're trying to negotiate is a cease-fire. if hamas can keep this capability that iran is supplying to strike deep into israel, israel's strategic position would be threatened. the government of the israel
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hopes to eliminate these missiles but it doesn't look like they've succeeded. on the other hand they can't have grown incursion given our friends in europe will jump off the line they've been on that israel has been acting in self-defense and will pound israel and the security council. >> you're in paris right now. what do you see the world reaction continuing to be? you talk about these missiles from iran. at what point does everyone gang up on israel? >> i think we're getting close to that point. in europe, if you also to the brock broadcasters, they see no difference between the terrorist use of missiles by hamas aimed at civilians and israel exercising a right of self-defense on the other. it's one side attacks then the
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other side responds with no differentiation. hamas has a advantage. israelis would like to get this resolved without going after the sources of the rockets, those that are are launched from the gaza strip, those that are manufactured in the gaza strip but they may have no alternative. if the united states were rocketed by a hostile power, i don't think we would let our civilian population live under those circumstances. we would retaliate, which is exactly what the israelis are doing. >> you talk about the sources of the weapons, the missiles come from iran, they're manufactured in iran, they have a 47-mile radius range and can potentially hit tel aviv. how does hamas get those, has egypt let them do that and how do we stop iran, if we can, from harming hamas? >> there's a big debate about
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what egypt's position is. some say the muslim brotherhood government is trying to calm hamas down. i believe believe that when i see it. i don't think egypt wants a war but they're delighted hamas is able to stick its finger in israel's eye. the weapons come in possibly through the sinai peninsula. which is out of control. iran was trying to manufacturer some of these weapons in sudan, much closer to hamas and the gaza strip so i would be deeply concerned about the position the government the egypt is taking and the other governments around as well. the government of turkey has been very critical of israeli for trying to stop attacks on their tearatory. there's very little doubt israel is increasingly isolated. >> it's not just the missiles. there's a report the underground facility as you're rain uhm
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enrism. in iran and could a material for a bomb in three months. >> they're very close to it. the international atomic energy agency reporting friday about the finalization of the facility at koom. demonstrating the sanctions europe and the united states talked about, the iranians are proceeding in a successful pace toward getting nuclear weapons capability. they're arming the terrorists hamas and hezbollah so the iran influence continues to grow. europe and the united states focus their criticism on israel. >> thank you very much this morning. especially in paris. >> thank you, eric. >> thank you, embassador. new developments right now in negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff which is coming. it will bring looming tax hikes
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and spending cuts that threaten to plunge u.s. economy back into recession. republicans are showing a willingness to raise new revenues but reports that democrats are taking a harder line on entitlement reforms. joining, bob accuse -- >> what's the best case scenario from the meetings the president is attending with congressional leaders and what's the worst case scenario? >> best case scenario is they reach a deal pretty calmly within the next couple weeks before the holidays and so it doesn't hurt consumer spending around christmas. worst case scenario, they don't reach a deal and we go over the fiscal cliff, that markets are rattled and it's an economic catastrophe. >> what are the chance because democrats seem to be digging their heels in at this point about what they're willing to do, republicans have extended
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the olive branch. both sides say three try. what do you think the chances are? >> i think they're going to get a deal but it's a bumpy right. democrats don't want to mess with social security. that's what senate majority leader hit and harry reid said. republicans will not put increasing taxes on the table. a lot of leverage games and democrats and republicans are both playing them. i think you're going to see that for a while but serious negotiations will happen in december and i think you'll get a deal. could we go up to december 31? it's a possibility. >> we have holidays in december also, so if meetings take place after thanksgiving and everybody breaks before christmas, though if they're committed they could decide to stay. that's happened before. we don't have a lot of time. even if they come to an agreement in the next ten days, is there time to prevent the
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philadelphia from -- fiscal cliff from coming? >> as long as they get a deal in december, then -- and the markets aren't rattled. you have to watch the stock market. if it starts to plunge that will move congress to get a deal but you have to get the votes. liberals are not going to like entitlement reform cuts and republicans won't like the tax revenue, tax increases but there has to be common ground. the president will have to get on the phone to round up the votes because both the right and the left, whatever deal is struck, they're not going to like this deal. >> it sounds like you're describing we're right back where we started. we'll be optimistic something will come from this and we'll avoid the fiscal cliff that will hurt everybody. when i looked at the video of everyone at the table at the end of the week, i saw timothy geithner there. he's not talked about very much now. what role can he play in all of this? >> i think he's going -- you get
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into the nitty gritty details of the tax code, this is probably his last hurrah. likely not staying on as treasury secretary. there's been strained relationships between geithner and john boehner at one point calling for his resignation but they realized they have to get a deal. it's in the best interest of the president to get a deal to use his political capital on immigration reform. but when you get a deal, do you get a big deal in december or just a downpayment then the big deal comes in january? democrats want -- they have the political capitol and leverage after the election. they want a big deal now. john boehner wants the congress to be seated, put a down payment on then a major tax reform in january, february, maybe march. >> i hadn't thought about that. paid it out in payments before it was approved.
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great to see you, bob. thank you very much. >> thanks. the brand-new reaction this morning to the attacks in libya and benghazi after a week of testimony on capitol hill. in an interview today chris wallace sat down with key u.s. senators on the homeland security and intelligence committees. >> also listen to this. [ sirens] . >> this day, the violence intensifying in the middle east. israel threatening to escalate its forces. it's using the iron dome missile defense system intercepting one rocket aimed at tel aviv this morning. having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom.
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an exclusive "fox news sunday" interview. a weigh in on the deadly terror attack in benghazi. they express concern over the obama administration response but i bigger issue, why personnel were poorly protected. >> we have to find out why you
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send an embassador unguarded with a few libyan guards and c.i.a. was not there to guard him. >> didn't you have one of the stop date pickup truck -- >> we did. that's not his function to determine security. we've got the right person coming in to talk about that. >> what we know now about the intelligence of the terrorists in benghazi, it was irresponsible to have our state department personnel there with only three security guards. they were easily overround in the attack of september 11. we should have given them the protection they deserve or closed that mission in benghazi as the british government had done a short while before. >> join us, chris wallace. good morning. >> good morning. >> that's a great point. in a way it's somehow been lost in the controversy. they were like sitting ducks. >> there are legitimate
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questions to ask about susan rice and the timeline, the talking points but nobody died because of that. if it was a coverup it was unsuccessful because it broke down two days later. thisthis is the key question. because there had been dozens of warnings, two attacks including an ied which exploded outside the consulate. the red cross pulled out of benghazi, the british embassador pulled out of benghazi, and that is a question -- we also know in august, a month before the attack, that embassador stevens and a lot of top diplomatic security sent messages saying there are extremist groups and we don't have enough security. that's the question. that's what could have saved lives. why was the decision not made to beef up security or simply say to the embassador, like other countries, let's pull out because it's too dangerous.
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>> speaking of susan rice and general petraeus and his testimony saying someone took out the references to al-qaeda and called those attackers extremist? it seems the president could be backing susan rice for secretary of state. "washington post," a strong to saxby chambliss,r. vice chair of the senate intelligence committeery heard from petraeus if he was going to call susan rice. he said it was up to the committee. then he said we need to hear from her. who gave her these talking points? what did she know when she went on the talk shows. because to the degree people believed she was misleading the country at this moment as to what happened in benghazi, who better to talk to than her. >> it's interesting that senator chambliss would say she's the key when the president says come after me. she's the un embassador.
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>> she's the one who talked on the talk shows and i suspect they're not going to subpoena or ask that the president come and testify. susan rice is subject to confirmation, especially if she's going to be the secretary of state. she's going to have to go to capitol hill and answer questions. >> it will be fascinating to see if she ask her or subpoena her and if she appears. always good to see you. >> thanks. >> for more of the interview today with senators saxby chambliss and joe lieberman it airs today. check your local fox station. >> switching gears, the doctors are here for "sunday house call" and they're going to talk about a very important topic, hundreds of thousands of americans suffer from a condition that causes serious digest tick problems, crohn's disease. it can be difficult to diagnose. how do you know if you have it?
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time for "sunday house call." joining us as they do every sunday dr. marc siegel, author of the inner pulse, unlocking it is inner code of sickness and healthy. >> you get two opinions for the price of one. dr. david smatty, chief of robotics at the mount sinai medical center and educated opinion at that. >> shocking new study, have you heard? diabetes levels at record levels


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